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  • Day One: Thursday November 12
  • Day Two: Friday November 13
  • Virtual Conference

Presented by: Wendy Paradis President, ACTA

11:15Keynote: Looking forward as we start to “Retravel”

Speaker: Bruce Poon Tip, Founder, G Adventures

We will all travel again, but we must do it the right way. Please join Bruce Poon Tip, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of global adventure operator G Adventures, for a powerful keynote addressing the current state of travel, and how we can navigate the new world together. The tourism landscape has changed, and during this session Bruce will share with the industry how, despite the hardship we have endured, this situation presents an opportunity for all of us as businesses, as well as to help improve the world.

11:35Fireside Chat: Supporting Businesses and Workers through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Speakers: Frances McRae, Assistant Deputy Minister (ISED) and Heather Craig-Peddie, Vice President, Advocacy and Member Relations (ACTA)

A Fireside Chat with Frances McRae, Assistant Deputy Minister, Small Business and Marketplace Services at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and Heather Craig-Peddie, VP of Advocacy and Member Relations at ACTA.

12:00Discussion Panel Session: Reshaping relationship between travel agencies and travel suppliers

The Canadian Travel Industry explores the future of the Canadian travel industry and how the relationship between travel agencies and travel suppliers needs/must/could evolve.

Panel Members:

  1. Zeina Gedeon, CEO, TPI – Host Agency
  2. Dean Dacko, President, Uniglobe Travel (Eastern Canada) – Franchise organization
  3. Rocky Racco, CEO, TTI Travel – Corporate (and Leisure) Travel Agency
  4. Brett Walker, General Manager of Collette & Chair of CATO, Collette – Travel Supplier
  5. David Green, Vice-President Commercial, G Adventures – Travel Supplier

Moderator: Heather Craig-Peddie, Vice President, Advocacy and Member Relations, ACTA

12:30Lifestyle Session: Calm Breath, Calm Mind

Speaker: Christine Ball, Owner, New Healing Horizons

Are you stressed, run down and overwhelmed? Most of us are especially during the changes to a new normal we have been asked to make. Come join me for a short guided relaxation meditation and learn two quick and easy ways to reduce the effects of stress on your body and mind.

12:30Lifestyle Session: Get up and Get Moving!

Speaker: Christine Gomes, Certified Personal Trainer, Elektra

Do you find yourself working remotely, in a home office, or in the office without many teammates/colleagues? Have your children become your workday coworkers given the new way of life? Are you stressed because you are trying to adjust and pivot to the new normal? Most of us are and with that, it is so important to keep our bodies moving throughout the day, which will allow us to increase our overall positive mood, well being and overall health!. Come  join me for a some short range of motion exercises you can do at your level of fitness, anywhere in your office space or home.  Get up and let’s get moving!

12:30Session : Séance de yoga antistress Pranayama et technique de respiration

Conférencière principale : Sylvie Beaulieu 

Aujourd’hui je vous offre une brève séance de yoga antistress ainsi que quelques techniques de respiration que l’on appelle Pranayama.

En espérant que ce doux moment vous détende et vous ramène en plein cœur de vous-même


13:00 - 15:00Travel Industry Trade Show

ACTA will be featuring a travel industry trade show between 13:00 – 15:00 on day one – Nov. 12 — of the 2-day Virtual Travel Industry Summit. With over 50 exhibitors already confirmed, the trade show will feature information from some of the top suppliers and destinations in the industry. Attendees will be eligible for great prizes including flights and hotel stays.


We do have exhibitors offer prizing during the trade show. Exhibitors will give away those prizes from their booth and contact the winner themselves. You must visit their booth to be eligible! We are set to broadcast live more amazing prizes at the trade show. One every hour.

*Prizes can change without notice

15:00Keynote: Rebound and Visibility in Social Media

Speaker: Lorraine Simpson

Your first challenge in this pandemic Is to remain standing and then not only survive but thrive. We all must adapt to the new travel landscape and learn to think and act differently. I have done this a few times and a crisis is merely a way for you to prove your greatness. In my session I speak about ways to make you stand out and to be a Post Pandemic Power Player!

15:20Keynote: Five New Insights to Guide Your Marketing Strategy Post COVID-19

Speaker: Tania Kedikian, Account Manager, Development Counsellors International (DCI)

Do you want to learn what appeals to various types of Canadian consumers – from millennials to Gen Xers to the super affluent – and how to position your offerings to pique their interest, ultimately influencing their purchasing patterns. In this session walk away with the knowledge you need to tailor a successful conversion plan and the cliff notes of new research findings on the Canadian consumer, provided by Development Counsellors International.

Come learn about :

  • What differentiates Canadian travelers (from whom?) in the eyes of global destinations
  • Showcasing what Canadian consumers expect from their next international holiday
  • Identifying what works and what won’t when marketing to Canadians as we emerge from COVID-19
15:40Networking Lounge, Q&A, Closing remarks
  • Virtual Conference

Presented by: Maggie Santos, Director of Education, ACTA

11:15Fireside Chat: The Future of Corporate Travel

Speakers: David Hilfman, Executive director of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) & Nancy Tudorache, Regional Vice President, Gobal Business Travel Association (GBTA)

Bringing forth a Canadian and Global Business Travel perspective, David and Nancy will talk to the industry’s current situation in business travel, the impacts and the priorities to our “new normal” business environment what corporate travel will look like for 2021 and beyond.

11:40Keynote: Air Canada – Aviation Outlook

Speaker: Lucie Guillemette, Chief Commercial Officer

Lucie will share the latest updates on Air Canada and how the Covid19 health and economic crisis has specifically impacted the airline industry in a profound way. Lucie will update us on Air Canada initiatives, and how the airline is doing everything possible to restart air travel safely.

11:55Keynote: Global Affairs Canada – Consular Services and Travel Advice during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Speaker: Indira Barthelemy, Consular Outreach Officer, Global Affairs Canada

Learn about the advisories and tools available to travellers to get the latest information on COVID-19-related travel restrictions and advice, along with providing an update on consular services and consular policy.

12:10Lifestyle Session: Israel Ministry of Tourism – Be inspired by Israel

As we get ready to travel, discover Israel and it’s amazing experiences that will keep the country top of mind for travellers when we  will again reopen to “international” travellers. Join us as we share experiential opportunities throughout Israel including cultural events, great beaches, and diverse foodie locations and of course Israel’s offering of iconic religious sites. A trip to Irael is truly transformative. Be inspired by Israel!

12:10Lifestyle Session: Jamaica Tourist Board – Irie Hour Lite

Jamaica Tourist Board will host a Jamaica “Irie hour lite”. Join the BDM Team in this chill and chat forum as they answer questions and provide you the latest. This session will feature a special guests, who will share an update. So prepare your favorite cocktail, get confortbale and join us for “Irie hour”

12:10Lifestyle Session: Club Med Mixology and Cooking Lesson

Speaker: Jacinda Lowry, National Sales Director Canada, Club Med, Jessica – Club Med’s G.O. / Jeff – Club Med’s G.O

Apples, apples, apples! Perfect your Fall flavors with video recipes to our traditional Club Med favorites: Cinnamon Apple Pie with Jessica and a Cinnamon Cran Apple Smash Cocktail with Jeff!

12:10Lifestyle Session: Baking with Manulife

Join Melissa Peterson from Manulife as she shares one of her traditional Christmas cookie recipes.

12:10Lifestyle Session: Seabourn – Sailing into the Finest Ultra-Luxury Resort Lifestyle at Sea

Join Seabourn for a brief presentation focused on the Luxury Lifestyle delivered onboard a Seabourn ship.  It truly is an atmosphere where stuffy and boring do not reside in the vocabulary but opportunities to travel with like-minded explorers and discover the wonders of our world are a plenty.

13:30Discussion Panel Session: The Impact of COVID-19 on Travel Agencies and Travel Agents Around the World

Join ACTA’s President, Wendy Paradis and Travel Agency Association Leaders from around the globe as they discuss the most up to date information on the impact of the pandemic on the travel industry and travel agents in their country and regions, as well as their outlook for the future. Learn about the challenges and successes, and how this disruption has impacted the travel industry in the USA, South Africa, New Zealand and Europe. What can the Canadian Travel Industry learn from their experience? Get a front row seat for a Canadian and global perspective!


  1. Otto de Vries, CEO, Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA)
  2. Eric Drésin, Secretary General, European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Association (ECTAA)
  3. Mark Meader, Senior VP, Industry Affairs & Education, American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA)
  4. Andrew Bowman, Director, World Travel Agents Associations Alliance (WTAAA)

Moderator: Wendy Paradis, President, Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA)

14:05Fireside Chat: Building a Business Culture through diversity & inclusion

Speakers: Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, CEO, Celebrity Cruises & Kemi Wells, Director of Business Development, North South Travel

ACTA “Future Leader” award winner and Travel & Leisure A lister, Kemi Wells interviews Celebrity Cruises CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo to discuss a topic that has been front and centre over the past several months; equality and diversity. Lisa will share how Celebrity Cruises, under her leadership, has made great strides in building a culture of diversity and inclusion. Lisa will share ideas, experiences and strategies on building a diverse workforce. Lisa will also share how the Covid19 health and economic crisis has specifically impacted the cruise industry in a profound way. Lisa will give Canadian Travel Agents an update on the cruise industry and the outlook for 2021.


14:45Keynote: VIP of how we do business. How Vision, Inter-connectedness and Passion make a big difference

Speaker: David Cohen, Author, Business Coach

This will be a session that shares stories, ignites, new thinking and inspiration to re-think the dream for the business of travel.
Let’s dig deeper in this session and really create a Vision for the business, that inspires you, but your customers as well. One that connects to what matters to those you serve, both your teams at work, your stakeholders and customer’s.

VIP also is about Inter-connectedness or the importance of connection and more meaningful experiences for your customers and teams

14:45Préservez l’enthousiasme, l’aptitude à agir… Soyons prêts à rebondir !

Conférencier : Carol Allain M.Sc., M.Éd., AUTEUR

Les exigences changent, la vie change, la famille change, le travail demande des ajustements pour mieux faire face aux incertitudes… il faut se renouveler, s’adapter, toujours consentir à avancer. La réussite au travail pour y parvenir n’est pas tant la performance que l’enthousiasme !

15:05Networking Lounge, Q&A, Closing remarks